Friday, July 16, 2010

Thoughts on chicks leaving the nest

I'm missing my twelve year old boy. I miss munching on his cheeks to wake him up in the morning. I miss his little crooked teeth smile. I miss seeing him in the bathroom each morning "doing" his hair with that gu stuff he likes so much. I miss hearing the Disney Channel for about 5 hours of the day. (Did I really just say that???) I miss sneaking up behind him and smooching a kiss or two or ten from him. I miss that dang Wii being used each day and the sounds of Mario Kart coming from the living room.


I have felt like an almost empty nester this summer. Each of the kids has been busy with activities, friends, camps, etc. that there have been many days when I've had several hours of alone time. That's weird. I'm not used to it. I don't know if I like it. I'm too young (I think) to be an almost empty nester. I'm not ready for Family Home Evening for empty nesters! I'm not ready to shop at certain retailers to get the senior citizen discount! I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!!!

Am I getting ahead of myself? Probably. Most certainly. All because of missing my 12 year old boy.

I think I'd be ok if it hadn't been for a call I received from the scout master's wife earlier this week. I was in the shower. She called Bill to relay the news. Payton had barfed. He had had one (or maybe four) too many smores before bed on Tuesday night. He found his way out of his tent and managed to find the scout master's tent to inform him of the disgusting news. Bless that man's heart. He was an angel to help clean up a barf fest in the dark. At 1:00 in the morning. Not even his own flesh and blood's puke. Using his own towel. Yeah, that man deserves a medal!

Oh, Pate got another fresh sleeping bag and pillow from home - delivered via another leader. I hope he learned his lesson. I hope he's at least trying the camp's food. I hope he's cleaned all the crud off of his face (or at least I hope it's cleaned off before I get to smooch on him Saturday...). I hope he misses me as much as I miss him...Nah, I really don't - that would be way WEIRD.

Anyway. I'm not ready for my children to be gone all the time. The oldest has already flown the coop and taken part of my heart with her. Nope, I'm not ready for all the stuff -or lack of it - that comes with an empty house. I'm definitely not ready for the end of an era of raising 4 children. Nope. So if you're reading this and you have a house full of young children in diapers, scattering toys about, throwing tantrums, or refusing to take a nap and you wish for them to grow up.

Don't worry - They Do.

And I don't think you'll be ready for it either.


Stephanie said...

This is a good reminder for me, Kris, because this summer has tested my patience from day 1. I do get sad thinking about them growing up and leaving, though. :) Thanks for this! You're such a great writer! I hope the rest of your summer goes really slowly and has plenty of kid time!

The Lymans said...

I read this post after I just got done cleaning toothpaste out of my carpet and fishing legos out of my vent. Thanks for the reminder. I have hardly seen my 16 year old this summer either. It makes me sad because it was yesterday that she was little too!

Lori said...

i'm sure it won't be ready. heck, i'm not ready for my little one to be going to preschool this year. i only have two i'm raising so i know it's going to go even faster. hope P had a good time at scout camp despite the wretching. :)

jo said...

I'm not going to like it when my chicks start leaving the nest! I believe you that it goes fast....I can't believe Alec is going into the fourth grade :(

Poor Payton! Poor Roger! Those are the kind of stories that are remembered and cherished.....after some time has passed :)

Aly G said...

Oh I think I needed to read this today! I am really feelin like they will never grow up! I better enjoy right!? I can't believe that story! I could read and read anything you type! I miss ya!xoxo