Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Headaches

For Halloween this year, I just wanted to go back in time and have my children dress up as their younger selves. I wanted a sweet little cowboy, a darling little cowgirl, and a good green faced witch.

Awww, the good old days when I had time to be domesticated and actually put time, energy, and thought into costumes for my kids. (And when they were so young that they agreed to be anything I could make - just give me some felt, iron on adhesive, and face make-up!)

This year, I was not domestic. In fact, we spent 2 Saturdays searching the thrift stores to see if I could find someone else's past domestication. I was tired after driving to 4 different smelly stores that were filled with loads of other people searching for the same things.

Success was had with Payton's costume (just don't tell anyone his shirt was found in the girls' section). Score at store number 2. Not so for Kourtni and Lindsay. After several more attempts at second hand shops, I called it a day and offered many suggestions: a pirate, a gypsy, a scarecrow, a white trash gal, a hippy, a nerd, a UPS girl, a dead football player, and the list went on. We had the parts for those outfits at our house, for Pete's sake. Lindsay relented and a dead football player it was. Yippee!

Not so easy for Kourtni. We drove around and around on Saturday the 31st to see if there were anymore ideas out there. NOPE! After several "I told you so's" and "why don't you just take my suggestions", we headed home with no ideas.

After going through my closet, trying on different shades of acid washed jeans, and going through my drawers of old "Stuff", Kourtni decided that she would take after her father and deliver the goods for Halloween by posing as a gangsta UPS gal. Thank goodness for "snap decisions"...

Thank goodness that there will be no more trick or treating for the girls next year.
Thank goodness for UPS clothes.
Thank goodness for patient friends.
Thank goodness Bill and I had an extra 40 bucks to pay our kids to get rid of their 10 pounds of candy.
Thank goodness I can take all that sugar to school and give it out to deserving 1st graders for the rest of the school year! (Yes, there is that much.)
Thank goodness Halloween comes only once a year.
Thank goodness for soft bristled toothbrushes, Crest toothpaste, and Glide floss.
Thank goodness for Dr. Wagner when the toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss don't do the trick.

Thank goodness I'm done.


Trainer Momma said...

When I taught school Halloween was the worst holiday of the year. I taught kinder and the kids were allowed to wear their costumes to school. 25 five year olds + costumes + truck fulls of sugar = NIGHTMARE. Now my kids can't dress up at school. The teachers finally took a stand! Good for them!

jo said...

WOW....that does sound like it could give a well meaning, running around, trying to please mom a headache...I'm glad it's over for you, too. Teenagers....what are you going to do? Sit back and look at that adorable picture of all four of the cuties from Halloween's past...that's what!

Aly G said...

Good Costumes! Oh those pics of them when they are tiny are priceless! Payton looked awesome! The girlies look adorable too! So fun to see what u r up to!

Ted and Leslie said...

Our kids know how badly Ted wants that candy - it was hidden before he could get a good look at it! I'm going to offer buying it off of them, then Ted can take it to work and do what he wants with it. Maybe he became a dentist simply because he knows how much sugar HE eats! I'll let you know if we have a successful purchase or not ---great idea, though!