Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Pictures

So I've discovered this thing called Facebook. Do you know what I'm talking about? This online phenomena where you can reconnect with old friends. Where you can spend limitless hours perusing their photo albums, profiles, and such? Yes, I've found it and I'm not sure that it's a positive thing for me. You see, lately many of my Facebook friends have posted new fall family pictures, complete with beautiful autumn colors and leaves of breathtaking beauty mixed with a perfectly coordinated family who have gorgeous (the girls) hair and make up, and (the men) great outfits to go along with the rest of the gang. Hmmm. My thoughts go back to last fall when it was like chopping fingers off to find something, anything, for my family to wear for a family picture. It was like herding cats to get the entire group to decide on a pose and to maintain that pose while I quickly balanced our pathetic digital camera on a rock, set the self timer, sprinted back to my spot, and tried to smile like we were all so relaxed and happy to be there. Yes, we haven't taken any cute fall family photos. Reason number one is that we need each member to be here (unlike my mother and father who had a family picture taken while I was at Ricks College...yes, really.) and Alyssa is definitely not here. Reason number two is that we are slaves to everything football. College football, Optimist football, Sunday night football, ESPN football, etc. Football takes a lot of our time. Reason number three is that I feel like a fashion dork most of the time and I am really not sure what I would have our family wear. I was thinking that we might look good in coordinating Snuggies? Reason number four is that our little camera has been taking pathetic pictures lately (or maybe I just need to read the unopened manual that tells me how to use it) and I just don't want to sprint around setting self timers in a park with lots of unbalanced rocks.

So there you have it. Four reasons why the Ball family just doesn't have any fall pictures that depict our cuteness. You'll have to settle for the grainy, unfocused, candids of what we've been doing lately.

Try not to be jealous if you see them on my Facebook.

Doin' the tummy rub dance on Dad's birthday. You had to be there.

Lindsay's city cross country meet.

Kourtni's choir concert.

Number 81!

Sweaty, sisterly love.

Little Broncos Optimist Football Team 5-2!

My view from the worn out desk chair at the computer.

The cat and Kourtni.

Another running picture with lots of grass in it.

A very muddy practice. The mud did not come out of his shirt but it did come out of his pants!

Bill's 44th birthday!
(See what I mean about grainy?)

Bill's newest friend and my newest nemesis...

My zebra snuggie. We should all get them, look like we've just woken up, and have a family picture taken. What do you think? Sorry you have to turn your head to see this fashionable photo.


The Lymans said...

I love your fall pictures! I think real life, every day pictures are the best. I take ours with a tripod and have to hope that ten of the hundred pictures I take turn out!

Stephanie said...

Facebook ROCKS! Which is why I don't blog as much anymore! Anyhow, you always have great pictures of your family, so don't worry! LOVE your zebra snuggie! Is it as soft as it looks? Maybe Santa will bring me one! :)

jo said...

Fall pictures...BAH! I know...don't you always have it pictured in your mind and it just never happens....that's how it is for me. We'll see this year..we're doing some family pictues over Thanksgiving. .Carter's the one who will give me trouble this year for sure!!! So...I've learned to enjoy and love the candid ones...I know a girl who has an on-line business of "doctoring" snap shots...she seriously works some photo shop MAGIC. So between her and my brother-in-law who has photography skills, I'm hoping for the best but expecting much less :)

tball said...

reason #5: your ball-family husband thinks 'we just did' family pics so why do it again?

btw, in the quality/quantity argument, i'd rather read interesting blog posts than a large amount of don't-care FB info.

And thx for coming to Ryan's court of honor yesterday...always good to see you guys. :)

Aly G said...

Fun post to read! You are not alone on the whole fall pic thingy! We missed the window of oppertunity here because we now have snow! I dig the snuggy! Did not know you guys were a cat family!

Tracy said...

Fall pictures? Schmall pictures! :) I love your family!!!