Wednesday, September 23, 2009

John Deere or Massey Ferguson???

Wow, 17 days of school have passed and I've definitely learned a lot about the typical first grade student:

1. They are like lemmings - if one laughs at the funny part of a book, THEY ALL LAUGH.
- if one has to go to the bathroom, MOST ALL OF THEM DO, TOO.
- if one tells a story to Mrs. Ball when she has asked for "QUESTIONS" THEY ALL HAVE A FUNNY STORY TO TELL.
- if one is praised for a beautiful job of writing his or her name - THEY ALL NEED PRAISE FOR THEIR SCRIPT.

2. They like to blurt whatever is in their brain OUT LOUD - my dad is IN JAIL.
- I losted a tooth LAST NIGHT.
- It's not fair she found the MAGIC PIECE OF TRASH.
- Move YOUR clip, Mrs. Ball.
- I'm the smartest in the class since I WAS DONE FIRST.
- When is it lunch? - (THIS SAID AT 2:00...)
- I'm done now what? Now what? Now what?
- Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Ball... (adinfenitum...that means FOREVER)
- The slug has escaped from his cup that Missy brought in this morning!

3. They know A LOT for being 6 - Mrs. Ball, he just said a bad word - whispers: moron
- Mrs. Ball, she just said a bad word - whispers: crap
Mrs. Ball, was that tractor in the apple book a John Deere? Or was it a Massey Ferguson?
- They can read like no one's business! Some up to 90 words a minute - sheesh!
- They know our routine down to a science and DO NOT LET ME FORGET IT!!!

Yep, I've learned about 3 things during the past 17 days.

Now what I need to do is: take it all in, remember the funny stuff, breathe regularly and consistently, keep my voice level and slightly syrupy, give daily hugs and/or high fives, recognize good behavior, and be prepared for ANYTHING! ('cuz it just might happen!!!)


Stephanie said...

Hilarious!! First graders make things exciting, at least. I know when I sub the little kids, they let me know "you're doing it wrong!" when I don't stick to the schedule. :) They love you!!

The Lymans said...

I teach that age in primary. I get WAY to much information!! Darling blog, by the way!

Tracy said...

I really enjoyed this post, Kris! Such a fun insight. I just know those kids love the crud out of you - you are awesome!!!

Amanda said...

Oh I love this post. Little kids are a hoot. And I loved that you used the word adinfenitum. You should definitely add that one to your first graders vocab. They will have their parents going, "What????"
Love it.

Lori said...

oh man, i wonder if that's what MY Jaylee's 1st grade class is like. best of luck to you! i can barely handle ONE I have at home!

Lindsay Lou said...

Ha thats funny. Do they really say that stuff out loud?