Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lumpy and Bumpy

About 21 years ago, on a very lumpy, bumpy double bed, in a quaint house Bill and I called home, I made the decision that would affect the rest of my life. (No, it was not to get a queen bed either...) There were 2 options for my future employment: teaching or nursing. I chose the first and have really never regretted that decision. After all, there are many good things to like about teaching: June, July, and August. And that isn't just something you read on a teacher's mug, either. It's very true and right now the third reason is almost over and it's time to bite the bullet and get back at it.

My kids have always been real troopers when it came to the classes I taught. When they were young and needed a babysitter, I loaded them (Alyssa and Kourtni) up in the car with a babysitter in the front seat, and headed out to school. Now babysitters are no longer needed and their actual help is very much appreciated! They have always been interested in the funny, sad, disgusting, and interesting stories I told them about the children in my classes.
"Miss Kris, my dad thinks you look like a dinosaur...but I don't think you look like a dinosaur!!!"


"Mrs. Bald, your make up is soooo pretty!"
"Mrs. Balls, your earrings are beautiful!"

They have had to compete, in a way, for attention from me - I have had an additional 20 to 25 kids in my life as well as the ones I gave birth to. They have always asked me about my students. They have been interested in my days. But most importantly, they have always been quite willing to help me out during the middle part of August when my classroom needed to be moved into, rearranged, put together, etc. etc. I've been lucky to have great helpers who, only occasionally, will barricade their brother in the square crawl space in my room...

They are excellent at organizing my things.

They are wonderful at resting when it gets too hard to handle.

And they'll hang posters 'til the cows come home for a new pair of jeans from Hollister or American Eagle...
Thank you, Ball children. I love you and appreciate all that you put up with from having a mother who is also a full-time teacher. You are the best! Thanks for your help again this summer.

Thank goodness for that lumpy, bumpy double bed in the quaint house in Rexburg where Bill and I called home 21 years ago. I know I made the right decision!


Amanda said...

I didn't know you had thought about going into nursing! Love it. I think it's awesome that your kids come help you. You have such an awesome family.

Stephanie said...

The kids you teach are so lucky you made that decision, too! You're fantastic!! And what great helpers you have. That's some memory-making time!

tball said...

Wow, summer is over and here you have to go back to school! I'm sure many parents are also glad you made the decision to be a teacher, cuz you're awesome at it! Just too bad that summer has to end (every year).

Lindsay Lou said...

Yea Mom, I don't mind helping in your classroom.

Jenn and Tyler said...

Hey Kris! Good luck with the new school year. I can't believe summer is over! Sniff, sniff.
We'll be visiting Boise in October (and staying with the Ransoms) on the 16th and 17th. It would be great to see you guys! Happy late birthday to Lindsey! She is the sweetest girl ever and the best baby sitter I've ever had!!! (Miss that mucho grande!)