Monday, March 2, 2009

Love List

March is here and spring is soon to arrive...right? (Spring will arrive soon...right?) 'Cuz I.AM.READY!

Before I get too far away from that holiday I call Valentine's a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd make a list of things I love since I like lists like that and since I've been involved in several "girlfriend" lists and have read their lists...Wow, can you say "run-on sentence"? Anyway, you get the gist: I didn't write anything about Valentine's Day or what I love and I'm gonna do it now:

I love reading all my favorite blogs!
I love reading my children's blogs!
I love pretty jewelry. Love it.
I love homemade wheat bread that my visiting teacher brings me.
I love my friend's crocheted dish rags - uh, they are the bomb!
I love to crunch on ice after it's been in the water for about 30 minutes.
I love to run outside on a sunny spring Saturday morn!
I love an empty laundry basket!
I love the smell of Billy!
I love to play with Payton's fluffy white hair!
I love watching Kourtni's long legged leaps down the basketball court.
I love my soft bed!
I love my brown boots-even when I'm cleaning the bathroom in them...
I love planting flowers. That's it. The planting part, not the keeping alive part.
I love laughing at funny e-mails Sally, Emily, Teressa, Carolyn, Aly, Ashlee, Chalae, and Tresa send me.
I love finding a good deal - like boxes of tampons for $1 EACH!
I love Ross...the store not the intern...
I love Lindsay's natural waves in her thick hair.
I love eating my oatmeal with honey and walnuts each morning.
I love to see my old friends on Facebook.
I love the sunrise.
I love the sunset and the way it makes the Boise foothills purple. love it.
I love to think of Alyssa as a BYU coed!
I love to visit Utah and get a hair overhaul while I'm there.
I love to come back home and kiss Billy!
I love to go to bed knowing that all my children are home and accounted for.

What do you love?


Alyssa Ball said...

Mom.. I love the funny things you say..
like that dishrags are "the bomb"
and you like tampons
Just want you to know it makes my day. Hahahah

Yeargains said...

I love you!!! Your the best!

Lisa Yeargain

The Ball Babies said...

Mom you love tons of stuff. And I know you love a lot more than that too. I love you so much.
P.S. I love my hair too:D

The Ball Babies said...

Woops. I'm on you account. Heh heh. OOps. Sorry about that. This is Lindsay.

The Ball Babies said...

What does Billy smell like? That was very nice of you to say. I like kissing you at the end of a hard day too.

Stephanie said...

I love seeing you at the gym (though I won't be there for a while). And I love that you have a very nice daughter that helps subbing jr high be fun. :)