Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama!

Click here for America's song. I think you'll like it.

Didn't you just love the inauguration yesterday?

Loved it, myself.

I took all my fifth graders into my teaching partner's room and together all 45 of us witnessed history being made after it had already been made several months before. There was no talking, no whispering, just quiet watching as we stared at our next president. We talked about how history had been made on many levels. Some of the people in the vast audience experienced not being able to eat at the same lunch counter with others when they were younger, and now. Now, there has come a total change of thought, mind, and heart, and that same person who might not have been able to eat his lunch at the same place as another, has been sworn in as
Wow. What a cool thing for young people to see. Even if you didn't vote for Obama and don't like his politics, you still have to admit that this event was pretty awesome. From the millions of people on the mall to those cute daughters of his, to the accidental missed words from his mouth, to Michelle Obama's beautiful "lemongrass" colored (but probably freezing) outfit and awesome gloves.
This event was momentous and monumental. I'm glad I got to witness it.

And I'm hoping for the best in the next 4 years ahead. You, hear that, President Obama? My family and I are putting our trust in you. Please do your best to not let us down!


Stephanie said...

Ditto, Kris. I was glued to the TV. It was a spectacular event.